Friday, May 14, 2010

Spelling Assessment

Today me (Jordan) and the rest of the class had to do a spelling assesment to go in our Learning Portfolio. I got 20/20 for my proofreading skills 5/5 for suffixes and last one 4/5 for adding suffixes. We reflected on our spelling results using the 6 thinking hats, the Green hat or the creative hat, White hat or facts hat and the red hat or the feelings hat. Those people who did not finish their assesment will be completing it on Monday.

By Jordan

Monday, May 10, 2010

An afternoon with Mandy Hager

Today room 12 had to Line-up At 1.20pm to go to the Kapiti Public Library because we were going to meet a Teens Fiction Writer by the name of Mandy Hager. Mandy shared with us some pages of nearly every book she wrote I’ll share some with you.

• Run to the trees about a boy who is Dyslexic and has to stay with His Uncle Who is Trying to Save a forest down in the South island of New Zealand.

• Smashed about a Half Asian and half Pakeha Boy Who makes Friends with two of the most Trouble makers in the School one has A.D.H.D and the other is a person who is sooo into cars.

• The last one is a series of a Trilogy Called the Crossing about a Islander Girl who thinks she is the only one left in the world but White people come and she becomes one of them.

Then when Mandy had finished telling us about the stories she has written Mr. Madge asked “How do you do your proof reading”. Mandy said “ I give them to either my daughter or my Mum and they check for mistakes if there are any they give the story back and I go and correct my mistakes”. Then when Mandy had finished speaking I (Jordan) got up and said“ On behalf of room 12 I would like to say a big thank you”

Jordan :-)