Friday, December 11, 2009

Where in the world have they viewed from?

Our class blog has only been going this term and we've had over 700 hits. We have had hits from different countries to.

Arriving at the year 8 ball

Last night was the year 8 ball and everybody had a great time. We will be adding more photos to our blog, our first photos are of vehicles people arrived in. If you have more photos, please give them to Mr Madge, so that he can add them to the site.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Arriving at Curious Cove

Jo describes his experience of arriving at Curious Cove on the launch. Take note of his brilliant use of descriptive writing, it's as if he transports you there.

A view from Motuara Island

During school camp we visited Motuara Island in Queen Charlotte Sounds. We've created a video showing the panoramic view from the top of the island.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Curious Cove Exercise Morning

Mr. Madge's Christmas Present List

I'm sure you've asked yourself, "What can I get Mr. Madge for a Christmas present?" Now he's helped you out. View his Christmas list below.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Curious Cove's best looking student

Tanelle wins the prize for best looking student at Curious Cove

Friday, November 13, 2009

Curious Cove Camp '09

Next week is camp. Its gonna be pretty exciting but then again pretty scary because of the teachers.
Our teacher Mr Madge has got a Hit List of who he's gonna prank at camp. I'm on his List as well. He's told us, when he went to other camps he put an eel into someone's sleeping bag. He got the biggest one he could find in the river and put it in a potato sack and put it in someone's sleeping bag. He said it would be funny if you wake up with only one eyebrow. That got me really scared. I also looked at his Hit List without him knowing. Now I think I'm on the top of the Hit List. I think I'm gonna get paranoid at camp. Me and my mates are thinking of ways to get him back or counter his pranks when he comes in our cabin.
Also, there's night line. This will probably be one of the most scariest moments of my life. The teachers and parents are thinking of something good to get us. Yes! We're gonna have a laugh at night line. (jokes.)
Oh and I nearly forgot. Mr Chamber's water gun. He's gonna come into our cabins and wet us with his water gun until there ain't no water left. I'll tell you more once I come back from camp which will be not that long away. Please pray for me. Thank you for your concerns.
By Dylan

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is about a china rabbit called Edward Tulane who belongs to a ten yeard old girl called Abilene. Edward is a very vain rabbit who is very up himself. He has a whole wardrobe of silk clothes and gold pocket watches. When the Tulane family are leaving their home and moving Abilene's grandmother reads them a story about a princess who never loved just like Edward. When the Tulane family is on board the boat two boys take Edward and throw him overboard. While Edward was sinking to the bottom of the sea he has time to think about what sort of life he has lived, and that he has never loved anyone. Through Edward's journey he learns to love and hate and meets a variety of people including; a sailors wife, a hobo, and he has a variety of different jobs including; puppet scarecrow and many others. During his journey of around seven years he learnt one important lesson it is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all. Edward Tulane is a wonderful book about love and loss and out of all I would rate it a seven out of ten.

By Harry and Matt

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Year 8 Ball 09

Every year, Kapiti Primary School has a ball for the leaving Year Eight's, which is a night of thorough enjoyment. The Year Eight students have a chance to say goodbye to the school and their friends who are going to different colleges. People have to dress up in smart, formal clothes. The Ball is on the 10th December, see the counter on the side. The Year Eight Ball happens every year and is a very special occasion for all of the Year Eight's. The venue is the school hall, which is decorated by volounteering pupils from the school.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Boy Who Lost His Face - book review

The Boy Who Lost His Face is written by Louis Sachar. This book is about David Ballinger's life. It starts off when David is trying to impress the cool kids by helping to steal an old woman’s cane. when the boys took the cane David flipped the old lady off and she put a curse on him "Your Doppelganger will regurgitate on your soul!” David first thought this was nothing but when he was going through his everyday life everything that the boys did to the old lady started happening to him. When David asks for her too take the curse off him she demands her cane back. If you want too know what happened in the rest of the book you have too read the book. Overall I would rate this book a six out of ten. It wasn't as good as previous Louis Sachar books I've read but I would recommend it for people who like reading chapter books that aren't to long.

By Harry and Matt

Extreme adventures: "Man Eater" book review

The extreme adventures book "Man Eater" Was a book written by Justin D'ath.It is a very extreme and full on book. It has events constantly on and off. This book is about a kid called Sam Fox that goes and explores the jungle but something terrible happens.Fire ants invade his boat so he gets forced overboard and into the dangerous creek! Sam Fox gets trapped in the jungle with a giant Anaconda in the river, and a giant Man eating beast! Will he escape? Well you're going to have to read the book to find out. Poachers, Anacondas, tribes, and of course...The man eater. This is a very interesting book and trust me, you will NOT get bored of it! This book can be read by any old average reader. Recommended for intermediate students. I personally Rate this book a high 9/10.

Written by Matt.T, Harry.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Skullduggery Pleasant - book review

Skulduggery Pleasant is a great book written by Derek Landy. It is the first in the series. While you are reading the book you follow the story of Stephanie Edgley as she learns that there is another world inside her own. The story begins when Stephanie's uncle Gordon dies just after finishing one of his novels. Stephanie learns soon after about this strange new world when she is attacked by a mysterious creature looking for the key. While this creature is trying to kill Stephanie the doors of the house blow off and in comes Skulduggery Pleasant. Stephanie finds out about Skulduggery the dead Skeleton detective and becomes his partner to held find the sceptre of the ancients and stop Skulduggery's arch enemy Nefarian Serpine and save her world from the magical gods the Faceless Ones. Skulduggery Pleasant is a funny, horror, Sci - Fi. Abook that just wants you to keep reading. I suggest this book for advanced readers who enjoy a good book. I would rate it a seven out of ten and say I can't wait to read the next one.

By Harry and Matt

KPS run, jump, throw build up.

The Senior Syndicate Had sports on Friday. Instead of the usual dodge ball that we play every Friday, we tried something new. Athletics!
My class (room 12) had to do sprint running. We started with a warm up, we had to jog up to the first cone (roughly 10 meters away) then walk back and line up again. Then we started to do some different sprints.
Room 11 had to do high jump and room 13 had to do discus throwing. All the classes are going to rotate events this week on friday. The reason we are doing all of these events is to see who is the best in your gender and age group. The best people in your age group and gender will continue to the run jump throw interschool competition. This competition is between roughly 6 schools competing in long jump, high jump, shot put, discus throwing, 400m, 100m, vortex (sometimes), and then at the end each school gets their fastest runners and they have a relay race. We get a day off school for this event. =^]

Written By Harry , Matt.T

Camp 2009

This year, the Year Sevens and Eights from our school are going to Curious Cove. This is in Marlborough Sounds in the South Island of NZ. Everybody is looking forward to going but we have to be at school by 5:50am! We are leaving on Monday 16th November. Everybody is hoping for fine weather so that we can enjoy our many superb activities we have planned. On Thursday we climb Mount Kahikatea, on top of which, is a viewing point. Some people who aren't able to climb the mountain, or are scared of heights will stay at the camp with some of the parent helpers who are also staying behind. The participants will be split up into the groups for the speed of the climb. The groups will be Slow, Medium, and Fast. There will be many activities you can do like Kayaking, Fliying Fox, Confidence Course, Bush Swing, Orienteering, Sports Activities, Fishing, Art, and many more.

To get there, we have to get on a ferry from Picton.

People who are going on camp have to stay in a room with either a bunk beds or single beds with one to four other people.

There is four duty groups, Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D. Within these groups, there are fourteen supervising groups. Group A Has four supervising groups, lead by Mr Herlihy (A1), Mr Dixon(A2), Mrs Crawford(A3), and Mrs Cosgrove(A4). Group B also has four, lead by Mrs Joines(B5), Mrs Johnson(B6), Mr Stechman(B7), and Mr Madge(B8). Group C has three, lead by Mr Bacon(C9), Mr Harris Ringrose(C10), and Miss Davey(C11). Group D also has 3, lead by Mr Poko(D12), Mr Marlow(D13), and Ms Williams(D14).

Each day, different groups will work together to do jobs to help like cleaning the tables after we've eaten and sweeping the floor. Groups will also help to prepare food, like chopping up vegetables.

The day we leave is planned like this:
5:50am - Meet at school, load bus with parent helpers, go to own classroom to offload biscuits/home baking.
6:25am - Leave for ferry terminal, load gear onto truck, wait outside ferry terminal.
8:25am - Ferry departs Wellington.
11:35am - Arrive in Picton, load launch for Curious Cove.
12:15-1:30pm - Lunch at Picton, catch launch to Curious Cove.
2:10pm - Arrive at the Camp, Children put gear into their cabins and return to the dinigh room. Camp rules and regulations, free time until tea.
5:30pm - Dinner Theme "Mad Hatter's Tea Party".
7:00-9:00pm - Hall Activities for Groups A and C. Outdoor Activites for Groups B and D.
9:00-9:30pm - Supper, prepare for bed.
9:30-10:00pm - Diary entries, lights out.

On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, we will have the choice to either go for a walk, run, or aerobics. People's cabins will also be inspected. There will be a Camp Concert for parents and pupils.

Some of the jobs that people have to do are:
Breakfast Setup
Clearing breakfast tables
Peel Veges
Clean Bathrooms
Rubbish and grounds clean up
Morning tea prep (biscuits)
Afternoon tea prep (biscuits)
After dinner clean up

I hope that the weather for camp is good, and that everyone has a good time.

By Jo

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boys basketball 30 October

Today the boys played Kapanui. Kapanui are dominated the ‘A’ grade last year. Anyway the boys were training, you could tell they wanted Kapanui to go down.
“Everybody on the court” the refs yelled. 2 minutes later they were basically at each others throats. Throughout the 1st half, Kapiti kept losing the ball and Kapanui kept missing the shots. At this point it was anyone’s game.
Yay! Finally Kapiti got a basket. It took them ages to get it though.
At halftime, the score was 6-8 to Kapiti. Kapiti were getting frustrated because the ref wasn’t pulling up he was supposed to. Luckily there was a more experienced ref coming in the 2nd half. The 2nd half came. Elton and the Kapanui player wnet up I the air and the ball glided over to Johnson. He dribbled it down to his end and scored a basket.
The game was really anyone’s game but by the end Kapiti took it out 22-11. They played good but we’ll see what their game plan is for this week’s game. By Nikitah & Kodie

Friday, October 30, 2009

Technology at Paraparumu College

Since the start of the year the year seven and eights have been going to Paraparaumu college for technology every Wednesday. When we go there we are split into six different groups. Three year eight groups and three year seven groups and each group does a different subject. The six subjects are cooking, sewing, art, woodwork, metalwork and horticulture. We do each subject for six to seven weeks. In cooking we made a different recipe each week. In sewing we made pencil cases. In woodwork we made pencil holders. In metalwork we made necklaces out of pewter. In horticulture we grew a few different plants, and in art we made masks. We asked a few people what their favourite subject was the following people said cooking:
Matt, Georgre, Georgia, Dylan, Potatau, Jo, Tanelle, Harry, Keelin,Amy,Briar & Terese

Anahera said sewing.

As you can see people like cooking. Technology is good because if someone is going to Paraparaumu college they get to know their way round and it also helps kids different skills that they might choose when they go to college. Another good reason about technology is that we get away from our teachers. =)

Published and Edited by ; Harry, Jo & Keelin

Talent Quest 2009

On the 20th of August we had the 2009 Talent Quest sign ups. Ms. McDougal and Johnson were the judges of who made it through to the first round. We had all sorts of amazing acts. Singing, dancing, a combination of both, joke telling, juggling, the list went on. Mr. Vaughn, Mrs Davey and Mr. Chambers were the judges. Mr Vaughn was judging costumes, Ms Davey was judging choreography and quality of performance and Mr Chambers was judging on stage presence. They gave the contestants advice on how to improve their performance.

Vote slips were passed around each classroom and everyone voted for who they thought had put on the best performance. 50% of the voting power was given to the judges and the other half were the votes of the students.

The contestants who have been successful in both the auditions and the 1st round of the competition were;

Aimee- juggling

Tatyana- singing

Tayla- dancing

Hayley- singing

Dayna, Alesha and Grace-a combination of singing and dancing

Keelin- singing

Ella- dancing

Jo- playing guitar

Caleb and Dyllan- dancing

Tanelle and Madison- singing.

The rounds have now been split into two heats, two weeks apart. Half of the contestants perform in one heat, the other half in the next heat.

The M.C for the show is Johnson, the stereo operator is Kodie, Elton helped organise the second round of the competition. Another person who has put in a lot of effort to organise the whole competition is Ms Mcdougal.

Ms Davey said that she likes the variety of acts, and she agrees with the votes. She told us the audience had been excellent, and she is looking forward to the second heat. Her advice to the competitors was; 'Practice heaps. If you don't practice heaps, you won't get anywhere.'

Everyone is looking forward to seeing the next heat. Good luck to all competitors, from Room twelve!

By George, Anahera and Mystery

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meet Kapiti Primary School's lunch lady

On the 29th of October Kaea and Izzy went to interview the Lunch Lady, she was very nice and let us ask her some questions. We found out how she makes her cookies so yummy, she says they need "lots of love". She likes working with her hands in the Kitchen, so the job was perfect for her. She first found out about the job through her children at Kapiti Primary, she has lots of experience in the kitchen at her other job in a Restaurant. She always keeps the Kitchen tidy, so does the nice PTA lady that comes in to help when shes sick. She plans to keep on working as the cool Lunch Lady at Kapiti School.

Special thanks to,
Anna The Lunch Lady.
Kaea the Photographer.
Izzy the Interviewer.

By Izzy and Kaea.

Recycling at Kapiti School

A group of students were selected to work on a project, for working hard and consistently creating a high standard of work. They have independently set up a complete recycling system for Kapiti Primary School including a compost bin for food scraps. It took them six weeks to complete the process of setting it up, and now they collect the schools' recycling once a day, and hopefully this will carry on for years to come. Here is a slide to show you their hard work and the process.
By Harry and George

KPS touch rugby results Week 1

On Wednesday, the 28th of October, Kapiti Primary school kicked off their first touch game for the season. All of the kids that participated played extremely well and made a huge effort.

The scores were:
Kapiti Motormouths - 9-2 win
Kapiti Hoia - 6 - 1 loss
Kapiti Miharo - 7 - 1 win
Kapiti Whero - 11 - 0 loss

The games that were supposed to be played on the 29th October were cancelled.

A special thanks from kapiti primary school to all the coaches, players and referees and anybody that helped out in anyway, our school appreciates everyone that participated and their efforts. My specials thanks though to Alicia (my coach) who came and coached us in our game.

Note: I will keep you updated on the scores every week.

By Matt

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Maths in room 12

In the senior syndicate we move to different classes for mathematics. At the moment we are learning about statistics. This week we have been learning about the following ideas:
Mean=Add the scores together and then divide them by the number of scores.
Median= To find the median you put the numbers in order then start counting from the outside and count in till you reach the middle number. If there is an even amount of numbers you will end up with 2 numbers, find the number in between those numbers for example if you had 6 and 8 the median would be seven.
Mode=The mode is the most common score. If you have 2 most common scores that means they are both modes. If all the scores are different there is no mode.

By Anahera

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sarah Walker BMX World Champ at Kapiti Primary School

Today was the day Sarah Walker BMX World Champion came to Kapiti Primary School.
It was mint. She gave Matt her number, 96.
She answered all of our questions, and she's pretty cool.
She gave out her Beef+Lamb posters.

She even took a photo with us, Room 12 and she gave Nikitah a high5. She's never gonna wash that hand again, Haha.
She said that she was good at school. And she went out with a joke.
She comes from Cambridge.
She has definitley put New Zealand on the map and she has made us proud to be New Zealanders.
We loved having her at or school. It's not every day you get famous people at our school.

By Nikitah & Miria:)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Smile - Mr Madge gives us next Monday off!

We're smiling, as in appreciation of how hard room 12 have worked during the first two weeks of term 4, Mr Madge has given us next Monday off. We thank him for his kindness.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Talent Quest 2009

On October 22nd, Maddie, Keelin and others from different classes performed in Kapiti Primary's Talent Quest. We were split up into two different groups and rocked that boat baby! "I thought my performance was so fun to do and show the whole school, there was some funny parts in it too and the judges were very nice about my performance and i sung Hot n Cold by Katy Perry," says Keelin who was singing for the show. "I thought my performance could of been better, but the judges thought i had done well but needed a bit more. I sung The Fame-Lady Gaga and i thought it wasnt the song for me. Next time, I will be dancing." Says Maddie. Next week, five other contestants will perform to the school. Now, the school will have to vote.

The wait is upon us all...
By Keelin and Maddie.

Curious Cove Camp information 2009

Last night the senior syndicate held a parents meeting for those interested in learning more about the upcoming Curious Cove Camp. The camp starts on the 16th November. You can view the slideshow shown at the meeting below.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Girls Basketball A Team - 22nd October

Basketball Thursday the 22nd of October was the Girls ‘A’ team basketball game. They played Kenakena. Everybody knew it was going to be a hard game because in the netball finals Kenakena bet our ‘A’ girls netball team.
“Everybody on court” Mr Vaughan yelled out. All the girls had a smug look on their faces. This game was going to get brutal. ‘Phewww’, the whistle blew. Nikitah and the huge tall Kenakena player both went up in the air. The Kenakena player smacked the ball over to their good player. She went to lay it up but missed. “Yusss” the KPS girls were thinking.
One of the KPS girls rebounded it and dribbled it down to our end. She missed too. “Damn” they probably were thinking. Throughout the game there were heaps of fouls that didn’t get pulled up, heaps of 3 second keyholes, not blaming anyone *cough* *cough* ‘Mr Vaughan’.
The game was starting to get tight and all the girls were getting frustrated waiting for the whistle to blow. Goal after goal, the girls lost track of the score. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 “PHEWWWW” the whistle blew. All the girls were wandering what the score was. “20 all” Ms Williams said. “Wow I thought we had lost” Hayley said.
They did their three cheers and shook Kenakena’s hands. You could tell that both of the teams were out to get each other bythe looks they had on their faces before and after the game. They muscled up to the Kenakena players and put up a hell of a fight. Well done girls, you make KPS proud.

By Nikitah & Kodie

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Syndicate speeches

Room 12 students began their work on putting together their speeches today. Some of the speech topics are:

Should kids have to go to school - Briar

Should Goldilocks have gone into the three bears' house? - Matt

Is music a bad influence? - Nikitah

We look forward to hearing them.

Year 8 students sit college testing today

The year 8 students who are going to Paraparaumu College sat their college tests today.

Matt said, "it was all-right."
Keelin said, "I didn't do it because I'm not going there."
Rachel said, "The English one was easy, the Maths one was hard."
Terese said, "It was annoying."
Madison said, "The test was all good."

We wish them well at college.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Kaea's Three Little Bears narrative

The Three Little Bears,
Written in First Person
Through the Eye's of Pappa Bear
by Kaea

Halloween, our own family Holiday. Well actually it's the only time our family can leave our cold, damp, dark cave because the stupid Humans will never recognize us. To us three Bears its a safe Haven, the only place that the Zoo keepers can't find us. The Zoo was like a jail to me and my family, stuck behind bars all day long. Twelve years ago my Family escaped from that Zoo and thankfully are still safe.

Mamma bear always likes to make mine and Baby Bear's favourite, Porridge. I can smell it from a mile away. She Traditionally makes it on Halloween, for supper, its delicious. We usually go down by the River and play Night Tag for a couple of Hours. Mamma Bear is just Serving up our supper so it can cool down while were out. Well we better head off down to the River.

I'm going to catch you Baby Bear, Tag your it. Baby Bear is in, Baby Bear is in, Baby bear is in the Rubbish Bin, eating this, and eating that, now he's got a hairy back Me and Mamma Bear Sang. Baby bear tripped over an a stone and started crying. Hey there's some small footprints leading to our cave, I wonder who they belong to.

Huh? I don't smell Mamma Bears Porridge. Hey, half of my Porridge is gone, and so is half of Mamma Bears. Woahh, all of Baby Bears Porridge is gone, I wonder whos been eating our Porridge. Hey, my Chair Cushions are on the floor, and so are Mamma Bears. Woahh, Baby Bears Chair is broken, I wonder whos been sitting in our chairs. Hey, my Bed Blankets are all on the floor, and so are Mamma Bears. Woahh, a Trick-o-Treaters asleep in Baby Bears Bed, and she's waking up. What are you doing in my Cave! Get out! Don't come back!

By Kaea, Room 12

Friday, October 16, 2009

Room 12's 2009 calendars

George writes...
In room 12 we've been making calendars. Our teacher has given us free choice on what the image on the front page can be. We could use pens, pencils, felt tips etc. whatever materials we wanted. We worked hard, and in the slide are some examples...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creating blogs for everyone in our class.

Over the last couple of days Jo, Harry and Mr. Madge have been busy creating blogs for every student in the class. We still have a few to create yet, as it takes quite a while to set them up correctly.

We also developed some class rules for using blogs. They can be found on the side of the blog page and below:

Bloggers are asked to keep to our rules.
1. Don’t give out your address, phone number or any personal details.
2. Only use your first name.
3. Only use your blog for school related work.
4. Don’t put pictures of yourself or others on the blog without permission.
5. Use appropriate language and pictures.
6. Try your best with spelling, but it doesn’t have to be totally perfect.
7. Don’t be rude or horrible about anyone or anyone’s work.
8. Keep your comments about other's work positive.
9. Respect other people’s opinions.
10. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the Blog.
11. Log off at the end of your session and don't share your log in details with others.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Narrative writing

Today we started work on narrative writing and we are using the story of Goldilocks to help us start writing. We are rewriting the story through the character's eyes. The characters are Goldilocks, papa bear, mama bear and baby bear. This is first person writing.

We will publish some of our writing on our blog soon.