Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Incentive day, Term 4

 Get ready room 12 if your making it to incentive day, Room 12 might be taking a trip to the swimming pools in Porirua for incentive day. Hopefully everyone earns the right to go to the pools so we can all have fun.

Be Good!

By Emily.

Spelling sentences.

In Room12 we have started writing spelling sentences.
Using 10 words from our list and writing five sentences with two spelling list words in every sentence
and highlight the two words we have used in every sentence.
For e.g.

The Assassin went to the Ceremonial dinner.

By Jordan and Emily (Rm12)

Buddhism in Room12

In Room12 we have finished buddhism. We have learnt that Buddha's real name is Sidharta Guatama and that he created the 4 noble truths. The 4 noble truths are The truth of suffering, truth of  stopping suffering, truth of understanding suffering and the origin of suffering.

We have also learnt that the eminent (Famous) buddhists are:

Keanu Reeves, Orlando Bloom, Tiger Woods, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Oprah Winfrey and Lisa Simpson

And Heaps More
'Thankyou Mr Bamlett for teaching us about buddhism'

By Jordan

Fractions Test (In Room12)

In Room12 we will be starting our Fractions test.

We will be answering questions like 'write this fraction in words 1 1/10 or write this fraction in numbers one whole and four eighths'.

By Jordan and Emily

Music activities

This week we have started our music activities. For some the questions we have to perform or design a poster about something. We have been given different sheets to work on.We will be studying new music and new bands some of us haven't even heard of. We got three weeks to finish one activity sheet then the other sheet. This will be fun for some of us, some of us might even come as our favourite singer or band. To get a good score you will have to pass with a score of 35 or over.

By Maggie and Emily.

Term 4 science

In term 4 room 12 will be doing experiments. We will be using kitchen ingredients/ tools. We might even be doing most of the science experiments in term 4. Hopefully we will be able to experiment with ingredients/ tools to make wacky experiments. We have been planning this since term 1.
OMG its going to be so much FUN!

By Maggie and Emily.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Topics for term 4

At the start of term 4, room 12 will be getting ready for presenting speeches. Instead of wearable arts, we will be starting music. We will be making our own kind of music by using the play station 2 in our classroom. Most people in our classroom are looking forward to this new subject. We will be also doing kitchen chemistry for science. Mr Madge tells us there could be some big bangs!

By Maggie and Emily.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back to room12 everyone hope you have had a great holiday!!! :-)

Have a good term

Au Revoir

By Jordan

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Term 3 Incentive Day

Yesterday in room 12 we had our incentive day. To be able to participate we have to earn the right to play. We have to work on our spelling, completing work on time, following instructions and being organised.
We had Nintendo Wii, Nintendo ds, singstar, connect four and much more
Here is a photo of our class Connect four Champion, Rachael. Our Singstar champion was a complete shock but not to the winner. Our champion is our teacher Mr Madge. He certainly sings flat but he sure knows how to hold a note.

The Connect four Champion
The (Greatest) Singstar Champion

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wearable arts

So far in wearable arts we have done four kinds of designs. They were called, Pla-it cool, that's a wrap, the simple sandwich and the twist and shout.
To make it to incentive day we have to make them to a high enough standard.
We had to make at least one of every sort. They were all pretty easy once you got the hang of it.

Kelly, Emily and Maggie

Friday, September 17, 2010

The new reading activites in room12.

In room12 we are going to make our own reading activities using  Blooms Taxonomy.
we will be sharing our work ideas to the class and might be blogging our ideas onto the class blog. The reading activities will be based on different reading genres that we have done throughout the term.
We'll keep you posted
The class Bloggers(Jordan,Maggie,Emily and Kelly)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wearable Arts

In room12 we have started doing wearable arts. We have already done Pla-it kool bracelet making as shown in the picture. We plan to sell them and any profits will go towards our incentive day trip at the end of term 4.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Islam in Room12

In room 12 we have been studying Islam. So far we have learned:
  • that Muslims believe in one god called Allah and that he is Eternal
  • 124,000 prophets were sent to every country in the whole world to spread the word of Allah
  • the last and most famous prophet was Muhammad,
  • Muhammad wrote the Muslims holy book the Qu'ran and it took him 22years to write.
By Jordan Rm12 (blog writer)

Wearable Arts

In room 12 we have been collecting knitting wool to make our wearable arts, we are starting in Room12.
We are doing wearable arts to raise money for the trip in room 12, which will be for our incentive day to go to Porirua pools next term.
We are hoping to show our items in the assembly or somewhere else public for others to see.
Everybody in room 12 must have at least one ball of wool.
By Emily and Kelly

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Report writing

In class we have recently explored how to write paragraphs, and now we have to use these skills to write reports. We brainstormed the question 'What is report writing?' Our current understandings are below:


In room 12 we made a twitter account last week on Monday.
Izzy and Briar have been updating our class twitter account about once a day every week. On Twitter they have been posting text messages about what we have been doing in room 12.

By Maggie Xu (Blog writer)

Monday, August 23, 2010

What Now Slam

On Wednesday rm8-13 had the WhatNow slam!.
Unfortunately Tu A.K.A Tumehea Rongonui wasn't there so Aaron Clapham had to take over.
Paraparaumu will be on T.V this coming Sunday.
I'm sure all the parents had a hard time washing the Muddy,gungy and foamy clothes.
Congrarulations to Daniel and Nathan in rm11 who made it into the finals in Christurch go hard and do your best.

By Jordan(Blogwriter)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Room12's topic in Room13

Room12 have been doing topic in Room 13.
In Room 13 we are studying Jewish people and their Laws about Food etc.
We have been working very hard and Mr Chambers has a prize for the first person to find out why the Jewish New Year falls on the date of 5766.
The Jewish New Year celebrates the creation of the world in 2005.
The Jewish New Year is a Jewish festival.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Paragraph writing

After a recent assessment in room 12, we identified that we needed to learn about writing paragraph. We have started learning about writing in paragraphs. We have identified the following as being helpful to write paragraphs:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Informative writing

In room 12 we are learning about transactional writing, which is informative writing. We brainstormed what we thought was informative writing using the following method:
  • By ourselves we brainstorm a topic for two minutes
  • In pairs we share our ideas and understandings for three minutes
  • In fours we share our ideas and understandings for four minutes.
  • We then share back class-wide.
Below is our brainstorm for informative writing. To view it all adjust the magnification, or hold your mouse over it and drag the image around.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Reading genres.

In room 12 we are studying reading genres. These reading genres are horror, mystery, action, and adventure, romance and lots more.

Every two weeks we complete a different reading genre. The activities are created using Bloom's Taxonomy.

By Jordan (blogwriter), Emily(Trainee blogwriter), Ngaire(Trainee blogwriter),Maggie(Trainee blogwriter)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Learning french in class. Oui

In room12 we have started to learn and speak french.
With the help of a DVD and a lot of  practise we should soon be speaking like real french citizens.

these are the words that we have learned so far.
Choutte-Cool Good Great
Bonjour-Hello  Monsuier-Mr  Madame-Mrs  Non-No Je suis- I am  and the last one Au revoir-Goodbye.
By Maggie & Jordan

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Arts-Drama

In room12 we have been studying drama, specifically theatre sports. We have had some laughs and happy tears. In drama we had to make things. For example, a fork and a knife, a rose in a vase and lots more.
This is one of the things the boys had to make. This is the Statue of Liberty. This picture has been taken by Mr Madge.

This was written by Jordan(Blogwriter) and Maggie(Trainee blogwriter)

Three way conferences

Last night the school held parent interviews. However, in room 12 we did our interviews in a three way conference. This involved the students sharing their learning with their parents, using their learning portfolios to support them.
Parents commented on how well their children did, and that they enjoyed hearing their children talking about their learning. Mr Madge's role was to be there and offer support if needed. As it was, the students did a great job, and he had very little to do.
Well done room 12, you did a great job.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Number patterns in algebra

In Mr Madge's maths class we are studying algebra. We are currently learning about the following:

Number Patterns in Algebra:

Numeric patterns in algebra are patterns made from numbers.
The numbers can be in a list. Any math operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) can be used to make the pattern
Many of the patterns in algebra you see will use addition. The same number will be added to each number in the list to make the next number in the list.
       2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14…
The pattern in algebra is to add 2 every time. The next number is 16, then 18.

Examples for Number Patterns in Algebra:

Example 1:
The pattern in algebra is to add 3 every time. The next number is 20, then 23.
Example 2:
Can you guess what the solution is
(Source) tutor vista

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Playing chess in room 12

In Room 12 we have started to play Chess. We have some awesome chess Players if i say so myself  I will name some awesome chess players. There is Mr madge, Kody, (Me)Jordan , Trey and Jeffery.  Later on in Term 3 we might have a chess Tournament with another school.

By Jordan rm12

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Senior classes Fun day at the pools.

On Thursday we are having a Fun day at Raumati swimming pools. It is a reward for all our hard work we put in swimming. The teachers Mr Vaughn and Mr Madge and Mr Chambers will probably be swimming with us. Please remind children that swimming sports is the very next day.

By Jordan

Swimming Assesment

Today rooms11, 12, 13 had our swimming assesment.  We had to do freestyle Breaststroke and Backstroke. We were being assesed by how far we can swim and how well we can swim  Novice had to swim -15metres -breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke  Apprentice-25metres Breaststroke, backstroke, Freestyle  Practitioner -50metres Freestyle, Backstroke, breaststroke  Expert -100+ metres Freestyle, Backstroke, breaststroke

By Jordan

Friday, May 14, 2010

Spelling Assessment

Today me (Jordan) and the rest of the class had to do a spelling assesment to go in our Learning Portfolio. I got 20/20 for my proofreading skills 5/5 for suffixes and last one 4/5 for adding suffixes. We reflected on our spelling results using the 6 thinking hats, the Green hat or the creative hat, White hat or facts hat and the red hat or the feelings hat. Those people who did not finish their assesment will be completing it on Monday.

By Jordan

Monday, May 10, 2010

An afternoon with Mandy Hager

Today room 12 had to Line-up At 1.20pm to go to the Kapiti Public Library because we were going to meet a Teens Fiction Writer by the name of Mandy Hager. Mandy shared with us some pages of nearly every book she wrote I’ll share some with you.

• Run to the trees about a boy who is Dyslexic and has to stay with His Uncle Who is Trying to Save a forest down in the South island of New Zealand.

• Smashed about a Half Asian and half Pakeha Boy Who makes Friends with two of the most Trouble makers in the School one has A.D.H.D and the other is a person who is sooo into cars.

• The last one is a series of a Trilogy Called the Crossing about a Islander Girl who thinks she is the only one left in the world but White people come and she becomes one of them.

Then when Mandy had finished telling us about the stories she has written Mr. Madge asked “How do you do your proof reading”. Mandy said “ I give them to either my daughter or my Mum and they check for mistakes if there are any they give the story back and I go and correct my mistakes”. Then when Mandy had finished speaking I (Jordan) got up and said“ On behalf of room 12 I would like to say a big thank you”

Jordan :-)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Learning Portfolios

In room 12 we are working on developing our new learning portfolios. It covers the curriculum areas allowing students to share their learning with their peers, parents, teachers and others. We expect to use these at student/parent/teacher interviews, and students will be bringing them home in terms two and four to share at home. More details to follow soon.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Incentive Day Term 1

Mr Madge believes in rewarding thoses students who do well consistently throughout the term. So at the end of term one we had our class incentive day, the theme for the day was games. To earn the right to participate we had to demonstrate over the term that we were able work well in the following area:
  • Spelling
  • Work Completion
  • Followinginstructions
  • Behaviour
It was great that most of us earned the right to participate. People brought board games, play stations, X-box, music and other games.
We had a connect 4 competition and Tei won, she is pictured below:

Those students who did not earn the right completed school work all day.They will be working harder next term, I'm sure.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trying a new online tool for writing

We are trying a new online tool for writing. Here is Nakita's first attempt:
Nakita's first go

Personal Responses

We have recently begun looking in more detail at personal responses. We have used online mind-mapping tool bubbl.us to help us brainstorm. So far we have the following ideas. Can you think of any more that could be added, or, how the listed ones could be improved?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Zeros that do not affect the value

Today in mathematics we looked at zeros in numbers that do not affect their value.
When writing decimals one or more zeros can be added to the right of the decimal point, after the last digit, without affecting the value of the number.
For example:
4.2 = 4.20 = 4.200
2.5 = 2.50 = 2.500

Can you think of any other examples?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Compact and expanded form

One way to help us understand large numbers is to write the numerals in expanded form:

Compact form - 4326

Expanded form - 4000 + 300 + 20 + 6 or (4×1000) + (3×100) + (2×10) + (6×1)

How would you write 3452 in expanded form?

How do we do this for decimals? Easy!
Whole numbers


We say 82.37 as “eighty two point three, seven”.
82.37 is the compact form.
In expanded form 82.37 = (8 × 10) + (2 × 1) + (3 × 0.1) + (7 × 0.01)
Or 80 + 2 + 0.3 + 0.07

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mathematics involving money

Close to all our hearts in year 7 & 8 is money. Today we were learning to:
  • round money amounts to the nearest $1.00
  • round money amounts to the nearest $10.00
  • round money amounts to the nearest $100.00
Rounding down or up amounts helped us to estimate the cost of buying a number of items at the same time.

Can you round these amounts to the nearest $1.00
$5.85  $37.15  $58.35

Can you round these amounts to the nearest $10.00
$15.75  $87.99  $28.70

Can you round these amounts to the nearest $100.00
$367.75  $87.99  $549.70

Why would having good estimation skills help us?
You know roughly how much your spending (Courtney)
You know if you're spending too much (Crystal)
So you can budget with your money (Emily)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Formal English in room 12

Each week we complete language fitness activities. We are looking at the following areas:
Nouns; verbs; prefixes; suffixes; synonyms; antonyms; homonyms; homophones; abbreviations; contractions; singular/plural; adjectives; adverbs; pronouns; tenses; conjunctions; prepositions; comparatives and superlatives; phrases and root words.
Throughout the year we will be discussing the different groups above and adding examples. We are sure this will help us with our understanding.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Key Competencies success rubrics complete

We have now completed our Key Competencies success rubrics. We have a copy of each rubric in our topic book and have already assessed ourselves. The rubrics show us our next learning steps, and we used them as part of our goal setting. You can view the rubrics below.

Learning place value

In our mathematics class we have been reviewing place value. View our place value chart below.

Can you say these numbers out aloud?
a)34.52 b)567.324 c)1234.4325 d)45221.09873

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today Mr Madge spent the day with the Red Cross, updating his first aid certificate. He updated his knowledge about what to do to help others who may have been in an accident.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buddy reading

We know that being able to read is very important for all age groups. This is why we go to rooms two and three for buddy reading on a Wednesday afternoon.

We have identified our feelings using the red hat:
  • I feel OK with buddy reading (Maggie)
  • I feel good with buddy reading (Nakita)
  • I feel buddy reading is helpful (Izabella)
  • I feel buddy reading is alright (Gabriel)
 We have identified the facts about buddy reading using the white hat:
  • We go to buddy reading every Wednesday at 1.30 p.m. (Matthew)
  • We help students from rooms 2 & 3 to pronounce words. (Jordan)
  • Year 8 students help room 3 and year 7 students help room 2. (Mystery)
  • We read the books to the students in room 2 & 3. (Georgia)
  • We spend twenty five minutes buddy reading. (Ezekiel)
  • We all have our own reading buddy. (Kaea)
  • We can read inside or outside the classrooms. (Nakita)
  • We take turns reading with our buddy. (Ngaire)
  • Each buddy reader has their own book to read. (Nancy)
We have identified the benefits using yellow hat thinking below:
  • It helps the buddies read and spell. (Antoinette)
  • It will help the buddies to read better, so that when they come to the senior school they will think the reading in the senior syndicate is easy. (Chase)
  • We can help our buddies get a better education. (Kaea)
  • It can help buddies get to know older students. (Tei)
  • It helps the teachers in room 2 & 3, because if we didn't go there, they'd have to work with each student one by one. (Nancy)
We have identified the weaknesses using black hat thinking below:
  • My buddy gets sidetracked (Korowai)
  • My buddy talks while I'm reading (Nakita)
  • After a while of reading to my buddy, she gets bored and loses attention. (Rachael)
  • My buddy is shy, so she doesn't usually read. (Matthew)
  • My buddy runs off when I'm reading. (Ngaire)
  • My buddy doesn't read even when the teacher asks her to. So I don't know what she can do. (Nancy)
We have created some new ideas to improve some of the weaknesses using green hat thinking below:
  • Get books buddies are interested in (Kaea)
  • You can give buddies the books to read if they are talking while your reading. (Ezekiel)
  • You can use expression in your reading to keep buddies interested. (Kody)
  • You can encourage buddies to read, and model reading first. (Matthew)
  • Ask buddies to sit down and be quiet. (Nakita)
  • Get the teacher to sit down with them, so that they do read.
    Below are some photos of us working with our buddy class:
    By Room 12

    Thursday, March 4, 2010

    Learning Basic Facts In Room 12

    Basic Facts In Room 12
    In room 12 we have a basic facts program. We have charts, A through to E. We each started on chart A, which is addition, and we are all now on separate charts.
    Each morning Mr. Madge calls the roll and then we move onto basic facts. On each chart there are 6 columns, A through to F. Mr. Madge calls out a column which we all do, no matter what chart we are on. We have twenty questions on each column and we have 3 minutes to answer them and record the answers in our books. Mr. Madge calls out the answers for all the charts, which we mark, and then we fill in our score record sheet. We each have our record sheet glued into our books and we colour in the score we got. When we get four 20/20 scores we move onto the next chart. When we have completed each chart we start again on chart A, this time with 2 minutes to complete the set of questions. After 2 minutes its 1 minute, and then 30 seconds.
    Chart A is addition, chart B is subtraction, chart C is multiplication, chart D is division and chart E is them all mixed together.

    Interested? View our programme below:

    By Mystery

    Tuesday, March 2, 2010

    Write as a ...?

    In room 12 we have been learning about different writing forms and who might use them. Below are a list of possible writers. What type of writing forms might these people use? Who would be their audience? What topics would they write about?

    We have used some of the above writers to help us as 'writing starters'. We'll share some of our writing soon.

    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    Room 12's Maori Lessons

    In room 12 this term, we have been focusing on Maori as our language, as well as Spanish and English. So far, we have been learning the proper pronunciation of the Maori language. We have learnt a song to help us pronounce the vowels. The song goes like this:

    A ha ka ma a ha ka ma na pa ra ta wa nga wha
    E he ke me e he ke me ne pe re te we nge whe
    I hi ki mi I hi ki mi ni pi ri ti wi ngi whi
    O ho ko mo o ho ko mo no po ro to wo ngo who
    A            E            I            O            U
    U hu ku mu u hu ku mu nu pu ru tu wu ngu whu

    We have sung our song in assembly twice and have been given some sheets of how to pronounce the vowels and are now focusing more on the language. We have got some sheets of different greetings, for example:

    Tena koe: greeting to one person
    Tena korua: greeting to two people
    Tena koutou: greeting to more than two people

    We are still learning the Maori language and are continuing our lessons.

    By Mystery

    Monday, February 22, 2010

    What do the six thinking hats focus on?

    What do the six thinking hats focus on? Each hat has a key focus as illustrated below.

    Sunday, February 21, 2010

    Key Competencies in Room 12

    In room 12 we have been exploring the five key competencies in detail. We are now developing assessment rubrics to to help us identify at what stage we are at now, and our next learning steps. So far we've explored the following key competencies:

    * Managing Self
    * Thinking
    * Relating to others

    Take a look below at the work we have done so far.
    Key Competencies Rubric
    View more presentations from clivemwork.
    We'll add the other two key competencies when we've completed them.

    Friday, February 19, 2010

    Developing thinking skills in room12

    In room 12 we are learning about different thinking skills. Our teacher, Mr Madge feels it's important to be taught how to think. His motto is "Learning to think, thinking to learn". At the moment we are learning how to use Edward de Bono's six thinking hats as a framework to support our learning.

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    Basic Facts in room12

    To help support students recall of basic facts in mathematics we participate in Mr Madge's basic facts programme each day. You can view it below:

    Tuesday, February 9, 2010

    Saturday, February 6, 2010

    Back to school

    It was great to see the students back at school. Pupils in room 12 were eager to get back in to working hard. We have been learning about the five Key Competencies. We identified what we think they look like. Our next learning step is to identify what the key competenices look like in the classroom.