Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Incentive day, Term 4

 Get ready room 12 if your making it to incentive day, Room 12 might be taking a trip to the swimming pools in Porirua for incentive day. Hopefully everyone earns the right to go to the pools so we can all have fun.

Be Good!

By Emily.

Spelling sentences.

In Room12 we have started writing spelling sentences.
Using 10 words from our list and writing five sentences with two spelling list words in every sentence
and highlight the two words we have used in every sentence.
For e.g.

The Assassin went to the Ceremonial dinner.

By Jordan and Emily (Rm12)

Buddhism in Room12

In Room12 we have finished buddhism. We have learnt that Buddha's real name is Sidharta Guatama and that he created the 4 noble truths. The 4 noble truths are The truth of suffering, truth of  stopping suffering, truth of understanding suffering and the origin of suffering.

We have also learnt that the eminent (Famous) buddhists are:

Keanu Reeves, Orlando Bloom, Tiger Woods, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Oprah Winfrey and Lisa Simpson

And Heaps More
'Thankyou Mr Bamlett for teaching us about buddhism'

By Jordan

Fractions Test (In Room12)

In Room12 we will be starting our Fractions test.

We will be answering questions like 'write this fraction in words 1 1/10 or write this fraction in numbers one whole and four eighths'.

By Jordan and Emily

Music activities

This week we have started our music activities. For some the questions we have to perform or design a poster about something. We have been given different sheets to work on.We will be studying new music and new bands some of us haven't even heard of. We got three weeks to finish one activity sheet then the other sheet. This will be fun for some of us, some of us might even come as our favourite singer or band. To get a good score you will have to pass with a score of 35 or over.

By Maggie and Emily.

Term 4 science

In term 4 room 12 will be doing experiments. We will be using kitchen ingredients/ tools. We might even be doing most of the science experiments in term 4. Hopefully we will be able to experiment with ingredients/ tools to make wacky experiments. We have been planning this since term 1.
OMG its going to be so much FUN!

By Maggie and Emily.