Thursday, February 25, 2010

Room 12's Maori Lessons

In room 12 this term, we have been focusing on Maori as our language, as well as Spanish and English. So far, we have been learning the proper pronunciation of the Maori language. We have learnt a song to help us pronounce the vowels. The song goes like this:

A ha ka ma a ha ka ma na pa ra ta wa nga wha
E he ke me e he ke me ne pe re te we nge whe
I hi ki mi I hi ki mi ni pi ri ti wi ngi whi
O ho ko mo o ho ko mo no po ro to wo ngo who
A            E            I            O            U
U hu ku mu u hu ku mu nu pu ru tu wu ngu whu

We have sung our song in assembly twice and have been given some sheets of how to pronounce the vowels and are now focusing more on the language. We have got some sheets of different greetings, for example:

Tena koe: greeting to one person
Tena korua: greeting to two people
Tena koutou: greeting to more than two people

We are still learning the Maori language and are continuing our lessons.

By Mystery

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