Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Camp 2009

This year, the Year Sevens and Eights from our school are going to Curious Cove. This is in Marlborough Sounds in the South Island of NZ. Everybody is looking forward to going but we have to be at school by 5:50am! We are leaving on Monday 16th November. Everybody is hoping for fine weather so that we can enjoy our many superb activities we have planned. On Thursday we climb Mount Kahikatea, on top of which, is a viewing point. Some people who aren't able to climb the mountain, or are scared of heights will stay at the camp with some of the parent helpers who are also staying behind. The participants will be split up into the groups for the speed of the climb. The groups will be Slow, Medium, and Fast. There will be many activities you can do like Kayaking, Fliying Fox, Confidence Course, Bush Swing, Orienteering, Sports Activities, Fishing, Art, and many more.

To get there, we have to get on a ferry from Picton.

People who are going on camp have to stay in a room with either a bunk beds or single beds with one to four other people.

There is four duty groups, Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D. Within these groups, there are fourteen supervising groups. Group A Has four supervising groups, lead by Mr Herlihy (A1), Mr Dixon(A2), Mrs Crawford(A3), and Mrs Cosgrove(A4). Group B also has four, lead by Mrs Joines(B5), Mrs Johnson(B6), Mr Stechman(B7), and Mr Madge(B8). Group C has three, lead by Mr Bacon(C9), Mr Harris Ringrose(C10), and Miss Davey(C11). Group D also has 3, lead by Mr Poko(D12), Mr Marlow(D13), and Ms Williams(D14).

Each day, different groups will work together to do jobs to help like cleaning the tables after we've eaten and sweeping the floor. Groups will also help to prepare food, like chopping up vegetables.

The day we leave is planned like this:
5:50am - Meet at school, load bus with parent helpers, go to own classroom to offload biscuits/home baking.
6:25am - Leave for ferry terminal, load gear onto truck, wait outside ferry terminal.
8:25am - Ferry departs Wellington.
11:35am - Arrive in Picton, load launch for Curious Cove.
12:15-1:30pm - Lunch at Picton, catch launch to Curious Cove.
2:10pm - Arrive at the Camp, Children put gear into their cabins and return to the dinigh room. Camp rules and regulations, free time until tea.
5:30pm - Dinner Theme "Mad Hatter's Tea Party".
7:00-9:00pm - Hall Activities for Groups A and C. Outdoor Activites for Groups B and D.
9:00-9:30pm - Supper, prepare for bed.
9:30-10:00pm - Diary entries, lights out.

On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, we will have the choice to either go for a walk, run, or aerobics. People's cabins will also be inspected. There will be a Camp Concert for parents and pupils.

Some of the jobs that people have to do are:
Breakfast Setup
Clearing breakfast tables
Peel Veges
Clean Bathrooms
Rubbish and grounds clean up
Morning tea prep (biscuits)
Afternoon tea prep (biscuits)
After dinner clean up

I hope that the weather for camp is good, and that everyone has a good time.

By Jo

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