Tuesday, November 3, 2009

KPS run, jump, throw build up.

The Senior Syndicate Had sports on Friday. Instead of the usual dodge ball that we play every Friday, we tried something new. Athletics!
My class (room 12) had to do sprint running. We started with a warm up, we had to jog up to the first cone (roughly 10 meters away) then walk back and line up again. Then we started to do some different sprints.
Room 11 had to do high jump and room 13 had to do discus throwing. All the classes are going to rotate events this week on friday. The reason we are doing all of these events is to see who is the best in your gender and age group. The best people in your age group and gender will continue to the run jump throw interschool competition. This competition is between roughly 6 schools competing in long jump, high jump, shot put, discus throwing, 400m, 100m, vortex (sometimes), and then at the end each school gets their fastest runners and they have a relay race. We get a day off school for this event. =^]

Written By Harry , Matt.T

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