Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boys basketball 30 October

Today the boys played Kapanui. Kapanui are dominated the ‘A’ grade last year. Anyway the boys were training, you could tell they wanted Kapanui to go down.
“Everybody on the court” the refs yelled. 2 minutes later they were basically at each others throats. Throughout the 1st half, Kapiti kept losing the ball and Kapanui kept missing the shots. At this point it was anyone’s game.
Yay! Finally Kapiti got a basket. It took them ages to get it though.
At halftime, the score was 6-8 to Kapiti. Kapiti were getting frustrated because the ref wasn’t pulling up he was supposed to. Luckily there was a more experienced ref coming in the 2nd half. The 2nd half came. Elton and the Kapanui player wnet up I the air and the ball glided over to Johnson. He dribbled it down to his end and scored a basket.
The game was really anyone’s game but by the end Kapiti took it out 22-11. They played good but we’ll see what their game plan is for this week’s game. By Nikitah & Kodie

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