Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buddy reading

We know that being able to read is very important for all age groups. This is why we go to rooms two and three for buddy reading on a Wednesday afternoon.

We have identified our feelings using the red hat:
  • I feel OK with buddy reading (Maggie)
  • I feel good with buddy reading (Nakita)
  • I feel buddy reading is helpful (Izabella)
  • I feel buddy reading is alright (Gabriel)
 We have identified the facts about buddy reading using the white hat:
  • We go to buddy reading every Wednesday at 1.30 p.m. (Matthew)
  • We help students from rooms 2 & 3 to pronounce words. (Jordan)
  • Year 8 students help room 3 and year 7 students help room 2. (Mystery)
  • We read the books to the students in room 2 & 3. (Georgia)
  • We spend twenty five minutes buddy reading. (Ezekiel)
  • We all have our own reading buddy. (Kaea)
  • We can read inside or outside the classrooms. (Nakita)
  • We take turns reading with our buddy. (Ngaire)
  • Each buddy reader has their own book to read. (Nancy)
We have identified the benefits using yellow hat thinking below:
  • It helps the buddies read and spell. (Antoinette)
  • It will help the buddies to read better, so that when they come to the senior school they will think the reading in the senior syndicate is easy. (Chase)
  • We can help our buddies get a better education. (Kaea)
  • It can help buddies get to know older students. (Tei)
  • It helps the teachers in room 2 & 3, because if we didn't go there, they'd have to work with each student one by one. (Nancy)
We have identified the weaknesses using black hat thinking below:
  • My buddy gets sidetracked (Korowai)
  • My buddy talks while I'm reading (Nakita)
  • After a while of reading to my buddy, she gets bored and loses attention. (Rachael)
  • My buddy is shy, so she doesn't usually read. (Matthew)
  • My buddy runs off when I'm reading. (Ngaire)
  • My buddy doesn't read even when the teacher asks her to. So I don't know what she can do. (Nancy)
We have created some new ideas to improve some of the weaknesses using green hat thinking below:
  • Get books buddies are interested in (Kaea)
  • You can give buddies the books to read if they are talking while your reading. (Ezekiel)
  • You can use expression in your reading to keep buddies interested. (Kody)
  • You can encourage buddies to read, and model reading first. (Matthew)
  • Ask buddies to sit down and be quiet. (Nakita)
  • Get the teacher to sit down with them, so that they do read.
    Below are some photos of us working with our buddy class:
    By Room 12

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