Thursday, March 4, 2010

Learning Basic Facts In Room 12

Basic Facts In Room 12
In room 12 we have a basic facts program. We have charts, A through to E. We each started on chart A, which is addition, and we are all now on separate charts.
Each morning Mr. Madge calls the roll and then we move onto basic facts. On each chart there are 6 columns, A through to F. Mr. Madge calls out a column which we all do, no matter what chart we are on. We have twenty questions on each column and we have 3 minutes to answer them and record the answers in our books. Mr. Madge calls out the answers for all the charts, which we mark, and then we fill in our score record sheet. We each have our record sheet glued into our books and we colour in the score we got. When we get four 20/20 scores we move onto the next chart. When we have completed each chart we start again on chart A, this time with 2 minutes to complete the set of questions. After 2 minutes its 1 minute, and then 30 seconds.
Chart A is addition, chart B is subtraction, chart C is multiplication, chart D is division and chart E is them all mixed together.

Interested? View our programme below:

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