Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Incentive Day Term 1

Mr Madge believes in rewarding thoses students who do well consistently throughout the term. So at the end of term one we had our class incentive day, the theme for the day was games. To earn the right to participate we had to demonstrate over the term that we were able work well in the following area:
  • Spelling
  • Work Completion
  • Followinginstructions
  • Behaviour
It was great that most of us earned the right to participate. People brought board games, play stations, X-box, music and other games.
We had a connect 4 competition and Tei won, she is pictured below:

Those students who did not earn the right completed school work all day.They will be working harder next term, I'm sure.

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  1. Matt here...Hey mr come you didn't write one of these for me when i BEAT YOU ON INCENTIVE DAY Last year?

    I know the feeling of defeat sucks :D

    Harry says Hi ;D