Thursday, October 15, 2009

Creating blogs for everyone in our class.

Over the last couple of days Jo, Harry and Mr. Madge have been busy creating blogs for every student in the class. We still have a few to create yet, as it takes quite a while to set them up correctly.

We also developed some class rules for using blogs. They can be found on the side of the blog page and below:

Bloggers are asked to keep to our rules.
1. Don’t give out your address, phone number or any personal details.
2. Only use your first name.
3. Only use your blog for school related work.
4. Don’t put pictures of yourself or others on the blog without permission.
5. Use appropriate language and pictures.
6. Try your best with spelling, but it doesn’t have to be totally perfect.
7. Don’t be rude or horrible about anyone or anyone’s work.
8. Keep your comments about other's work positive.
9. Respect other people’s opinions.
10. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the Blog.
11. Log off at the end of your session and don't share your log in details with others.

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