Monday, October 19, 2009

Kaea's Three Little Bears narrative

The Three Little Bears,
Written in First Person
Through the Eye's of Pappa Bear
by Kaea

Halloween, our own family Holiday. Well actually it's the only time our family can leave our cold, damp, dark cave because the stupid Humans will never recognize us. To us three Bears its a safe Haven, the only place that the Zoo keepers can't find us. The Zoo was like a jail to me and my family, stuck behind bars all day long. Twelve years ago my Family escaped from that Zoo and thankfully are still safe.

Mamma bear always likes to make mine and Baby Bear's favourite, Porridge. I can smell it from a mile away. She Traditionally makes it on Halloween, for supper, its delicious. We usually go down by the River and play Night Tag for a couple of Hours. Mamma Bear is just Serving up our supper so it can cool down while were out. Well we better head off down to the River.

I'm going to catch you Baby Bear, Tag your it. Baby Bear is in, Baby Bear is in, Baby bear is in the Rubbish Bin, eating this, and eating that, now he's got a hairy back Me and Mamma Bear Sang. Baby bear tripped over an a stone and started crying. Hey there's some small footprints leading to our cave, I wonder who they belong to.

Huh? I don't smell Mamma Bears Porridge. Hey, half of my Porridge is gone, and so is half of Mamma Bears. Woahh, all of Baby Bears Porridge is gone, I wonder whos been eating our Porridge. Hey, my Chair Cushions are on the floor, and so are Mamma Bears. Woahh, Baby Bears Chair is broken, I wonder whos been sitting in our chairs. Hey, my Bed Blankets are all on the floor, and so are Mamma Bears. Woahh, a Trick-o-Treaters asleep in Baby Bears Bed, and she's waking up. What are you doing in my Cave! Get out! Don't come back!

By Kaea, Room 12