Thursday, October 22, 2009

Talent Quest 2009

On October 22nd, Maddie, Keelin and others from different classes performed in Kapiti Primary's Talent Quest. We were split up into two different groups and rocked that boat baby! "I thought my performance was so fun to do and show the whole school, there was some funny parts in it too and the judges were very nice about my performance and i sung Hot n Cold by Katy Perry," says Keelin who was singing for the show. "I thought my performance could of been better, but the judges thought i had done well but needed a bit more. I sung The Fame-Lady Gaga and i thought it wasnt the song for me. Next time, I will be dancing." Says Maddie. Next week, five other contestants will perform to the school. Now, the school will have to vote.

The wait is upon us all...
By Keelin and Maddie.


  1. Good singing girls. I hope to see in the next round.

  2. You girls looked fantastic! It is pretty scary up there, I know I couldn't do that! I think that Mr Madge should sing in the next round, what do you think?
    Miss Conroy

  3. Mr Madge is a singstar sensation! I've heard him. MM