Friday, October 30, 2009

Technology at Paraparumu College

Since the start of the year the year seven and eights have been going to Paraparaumu college for technology every Wednesday. When we go there we are split into six different groups. Three year eight groups and three year seven groups and each group does a different subject. The six subjects are cooking, sewing, art, woodwork, metalwork and horticulture. We do each subject for six to seven weeks. In cooking we made a different recipe each week. In sewing we made pencil cases. In woodwork we made pencil holders. In metalwork we made necklaces out of pewter. In horticulture we grew a few different plants, and in art we made masks. We asked a few people what their favourite subject was the following people said cooking:
Matt, Georgre, Georgia, Dylan, Potatau, Jo, Tanelle, Harry, Keelin,Amy,Briar & Terese

Anahera said sewing.

As you can see people like cooking. Technology is good because if someone is going to Paraparaumu college they get to know their way round and it also helps kids different skills that they might choose when they go to college. Another good reason about technology is that we get away from our teachers. =)

Published and Edited by ; Harry, Jo & Keelin

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